Optalysys offers a revolutionary solution to complex model simulations and Big Data analytics at a fraction of the cost, time and energy consumption.

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At Optalysys we are building groundbreaking hardware products that will revolutionise Big Data processing technology. Our technology offers step-changing advances in how physical processes are modelled and resulting large data sets are analysed with direct relevance to science, engineering and “Big Data” applications. These are areas where it is becoming increasingly common for traditional high performance computing methods to fall short of delivering the processing power required. Examples include aerofoil design, weather forecasting, MRI data analysis and quantum computing (click here for more potential applications).

We anticipate our first products will be available in 2017 and include:

  • Model simulation units: These will have a specification of 9 petaFLOPs but by 2020 we are seeking to produce hardware capable of delivering multiple exaFLOPs. Global supercomputing leader Cray, which has been operating in this space for more than 40 years, is aiming to break the 1 exaFLOP threshold in the same timeframe. Furthermore, the Optalysys units can be powered from a standard mains supply with no specialist cooling.
  • Big Data analysis units: These will have an initial specification of 1.3 petaFLOPs, increasing to several hundred petaFLOPs by 2020 and will also be powered from a standard mains supply.

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New Opening: Research and Development Engineer
Optalysys is seeking a talented and enthusiastic research and development engineer to join this pioneering team.
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Bioinformatician joins Optalysys team

Optalysys welcomes bioinformatician Dr William Rowe to the team.  William will focus on the applications for Optalysys’s first commercial product which uses optical processing technology to perform genetic sequence alignment (see Project GENESYS for more information). William holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering from UMIST; examining the potential of surfactants and other multiphase materials in the […]

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December 2016 Newsletter

Welcome to the Optalysys December 2016 Newsletter – your regular update on the latest developments in optical computing.  In this edition we cover our participation at supercomputing conference SC16 in Salt Lake City, UT, USA, an announcement that we have been accepted to present a demonstration at the bioinformatics conference AGBT in February 2017 in Miami, FL, USA, […]

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Optalysys welcomes new Administrative Assistant

Millie Harrison has joined the Optalysys team as Administration Assistant.  She studied at Minsthorpe Community College (a specialist Science College) and went on to complete an apprenticeship in level 2 Business and Administration from 2014 to 2016 with a publishing company, where she was offered a permanent position. Millie’s ambition is to always achieve high standards […]

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