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Meet the team

Optalysys works at the intersections between multiple cutting edge technologies. As such, we’re a collection of many talents spanning electronic system design, optical computing technologies, applications research and hardware and software development.

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Dr. Nick New

CEO, Director, Founder

Robert Todd

CTO, Director, Founder

Andrew Ward

Andrew Ward

COO, Director

Dr. Imon Kundu

VP of Photonics

Dr. Florent Michel

VP of Cryptography

Dr. Joseph Wilson

VP of Applications

Olivia Hammond

Optical Engineer

Pete Simpson

Technical Developer

Pete Shields

Senior Project Manager

Wendy Harrison

Operations Manager

Shuhao Yang

Cryptography Software Engineer

Huyen Nguyen

Cryptography Scientist

Victor Lisinski

Cryptography Researcher

Jamie Todd

Junior Software Engineer

Join the team

We are a multi-disciplinary team focused on the commercial development of an optical accelerator for fully homomorphic encryption.

Our technology is both unique and uniquely valuable. We’re looking for people to help bring Optalysys technology to the commercial market.

It’s not often that get to you work on two novel technologies at the same time. Everything we do in this space is new. Every day is a world first.


If you have a strong background in photonics, physics, engineering, mathematics or cryptography, check out our available roles on our careers page.

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