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We enable the future of data security.

A next-generation hardware accelerator platform for confidentiality and privacy-preserving computing.

Want to work on sensitive data in the cloud?

The most valuable data is the data you can't share


Because it’s confidential


Because it’s regulated


Because it’s private

Fully Homomorphic Encryption

Protects data while in use, closing the last major vulnerability in cloud and remote processing.

FHE is a quantum secure form of cryptography often described as the “holy grail” of confidentiality-preserving computing. It is a form of cryptography that preserves the structure of data even when encrypted, allowing any computation to be performed on information stored in ciphertext form.

Data is never decrypted and never exposed even to the hardware working on it. However, the cost and complexity of FHE has made it nearly impossible to deploy at massive scale.

Optalysys has the solution.

Optalysys enables FHE at scale

Optalysys is on a mission to take global data security to the next level.

Our technology enables FHE at the scale demanded by the largest and most intensive secure data applications.

Our solution combines cutting-edge electronic architecture with next-generation optical computing to achieve the next level of FHE performance, beyond the limitations of conventional computing.

The result?

  • The most valuable insights from the most secure datasets.
  • Collaboration with the guarantee of confidentiality.
  • The next evolution of commercial data security.

Made possible by Optalysys

Read how our unique optical approach to computing can provide a single solution for every FHE scheme by accelerating the core mathematical operations.

Find out more about our vision for specialist FHE accelerator hardware and what it brings to high-performance encrypted computing environments.



Encrypted AI​

Running AI under FHE can protect both the model and the data, ensuring the confidentiality and security of both IP and customer data.


Medical and genomic analysis

FHE enables secure genomic analysis, allowing checks for inheritable disease without risking some of the most private information imaginable.

FHE also provides opportunities for mass-scale clinical studies to be run in a fraction of the time.


Secure search

Private data searches that never reveal the query or the response, allowing lightning-fast collaboration between institutions without breaching confidentiality.


Industrial monitoring​

The rise of digital twinning and smart factories requires a massive rise in industrial data capture.

FHE opens the door to encrypting the most commercially sensitive analytics.


Optalysys secures £21m Series A round

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About us

We are a deep tech company operating out of Leeds, UK.

We are engineers, scientists and mathematicians working towards something incredible.

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For a multi-disciplinary team focused on the commercial development of an optical accelerator for FHE.

Our technology is both unique and uniquely valuable. We’re looking for people to help bring Optalysys technology to the commercial market.

It’s not often that you work on two novel technologies at the same time. Everything we do in this space is new. Every day is a world first.

Ready for a challenge?

If you have a strong background in photonics, physics, engineering, mathematics or cryptography, check out our available roles on our careers page.


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